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At Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, we understand the importance of having a hands-on learning experience. That is why, at our campus, we have a student clinic where our students can practice the skills they have acquired in school.

Our caring team also ensures that our facility has a safe, excellent, and professional environment. This way, our students could freely implement practical skills and fully understand the techniques taught in class.

Our clinic offers inexpensive therapeutic massages. When a client visits, we let our students facilitate the whole session, from the brief intake and assessment process to massage therapy and post-treatment exercise plans.

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Help our students practice what they’ve learned, and you’ll receive the therapeutic benefits of receiving the right massage techniques. To book a soon-to-be massage therapist of your choice, you can use our online booking system. Just simply click on the appropriate clinic icon to register.

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$40 Per Session

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$40 Per Session

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Don’t Miss Out! Join us for the PIMT Calgary Grand Opening Event on August 9th. Register now for a chance to receive free swag and a complimentary massage therapy session. Secure your spot and be part of this exciting celebration!